Wednesday 13 January 2016

Little Bunting

I had a call this morning asking me if I knew about a Little Bunting seen at Darts Farm in Topsham I said no that I had not but that I would go and have a look for it ! I arrived on site at around 9 am  and couldn`t find any birders there at all !! , so I started to search on my own and searched every field I could and by now a few other birders turned up to look for the bird , then at around 12.15 I managed to see the bird feeding in a field , it then flew up to a row of trees with some finches allowing me to get a nice view of it ! but the flock was soon gone again , later in the day other birders connected with the bird and I was very glad about that as in this game people always have doubt about sightings lol
Also seen were 2 Egyptian Geese , a male Brambling , 17 Stock Dove , 4 Fieldfare and a flock of 250+ Rook .

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