Saturday 29 February 2020

Friday 28 February 2020

Thursday 27th February

A trip out with the boys again today with our destination Cornwall . Our first stop was at Travose Head on the north coast of Cornwall to look for Lapland Bunting as some had been reported there we arriver to find it blowing a gale , but after a bit of a search we managed to see 5 of them so we had a good start to the day ! We went on then to the Stithians Reservoir in hope of seeing the female Lesser Scaup that has been there for quite a while and today our luck was in as we had already missed it once this year .
News then broke of a White-Billed Diver at Cape Cornwall so we headed that way as fast as we could , we arrived to find a few birders already there , and they soon put us on to it . It is always a great feeling  to be lucky enough to get a bird in circumstances like this ! . Also seen were 5 superb Red-Billed Chough were displaying and calling around the headland so another good bird for us was added to the list .
Our next stop was at Carn Brae where we got great views of  3 Short-Eared Owl and as one of them was flying it put up a Merlin another good bird to see . The day was finished of on the outskirts of Newquay where an adult Glaucous Gull was seen , making it a great end to a superb days birding .

Lesser Scaup ( Aythya affinis ) . Stithians Reservoir . Cornwall

Short-Eared Owl ( Asio flammeus ) . Carn Brae . Cornwall

Glaucous Gull ( Larus hyperboreus ) . Newquay . Cornwall

Tuesday 25 February 2020


I started the morning off at Bowling Green Marsh in Topsham . Where I saw 3 male and 2 female Common Pochard , a male and female Tufted Duck and numerous Northern Pintail and the long staying Long-Billed Dowitcher .
I then went up to the Haldon Forest as I had been told that there were some Brambling on show and as they have been thin on the ground this winter I was well pleased to see 3 male and 2 female birds .  Also seen were 100+ Common Chaffinch , 2 Eurasian Nuthatch , a Eurasian Treecreeper and 2 male and a female Yellowhammer .

Yellowhammer ( Emberiza citrinella ) . Haldon Forest . Devon

Sunday 23 February 2020

Lesser Redpoll

I made the trip out to Ideford Common early this morning to look for some Brambling that has been seen there but after searching for then for 3 hours with no luck I had to call it a day . But the highlight today was finding a Lesser Redpoll as I never knew there was any around there .
Also seen were 3 Great Spotted Woodpecker , 5 Common Crossbill , 3 Eurasian Nuthatch , 3 Eurasian Treecreeper and a Mistle Thrush

Common Crossbill ( Loxia curvirostra ) . Ideford Common . Devon

Eurasian Nuthatch ( Sitta europaea ) . Ideford Common . Devon

Great Spotted Woodpecker ( Dendrocopos major ) . Ideford Common . Devon

Friday 21 February 2020

Bowling Green Marsh

A look at Bowling Green Marsh in Topsham today got me . 4 male and 3 female Common Pochard , 7 Tufted Duck , numerous Northern Pintail , the long staying Long-Billed Dowitcher & 2 Common Snipe . I then walked down the road to a spot where I have seen Water Rail before but none were on show today but as I was looking a Great Bittern flew into my view and dropped out of view into a ditch , I take it that its the same bird that was seen back in January and a few times since as it is a very rare bird on the marsh , I ended the day down by the viewing platform where a very vocal Water Rail showed for a short spell .

Long-Billed Dowitcher ( Limnodromus scolopaceus ) . Bowling Green Marsh . Topsham . Devon

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Local Birding

Out and about around my local area today with my first stop at the Ludwell Valley Country Park where I saw a single Green Sandpiper , a White-Throated Dipper and 3 Grey Wagtail .
My next stop was at Bowling Green Marsh in Topsham but the only birds of note where 3 Common Pochard and a male and female Northern Pintail . My next stop was a look at the Exe Estuary from the Goatswalk where I saw 20+ Pied Avocet and 30+ Bar-Tailed Godwit , I then finished the day off with a look at the Clyst Estuary and saw 30+ Red Knot and 7 Grey Plover .

Northern Pintail ( Anas acuta ) . Bowling Green Marsh . Topsham . Devon

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Barrow Gurney

Another trip up to Barrow Gurney in Somerset today with my mate Andy as he could not make the trip the other day and I was hoping to get a shot of the Black-Throated Diver . The pits are right out in the open and it was blowing a gale and freezing but we soon managed to get onto the B T Diver that was with a Great Northern Diver .
We then went to pit 1 and by now the rain had started to fall but the day soon got brighter as the male Long-Tailed Duck was seen in all its glory and it was a superb end to the days birding so we then headed for home .

Long-Tailed Duck ( Clangula hyemalis ) . Barrow Gurney . Somerset

Great Northern Diver ( Gavia immer ) & Black-Throated Diver ( Gavia arctica ) . Barrow Gurney . Somerset

Monday 17 February 2020

Pomarine Skua

A look at the Exe Estuary this afternoon got me 6 Great Crested Grebe and 5 Red-Breasted Merganser but there was no sign of the Red-Necked Grebe or the Slavonian Grebe .
I then went to Dawlish Warren to do a sea watch and soon picked out a few Eurasian Shag , I then walked down past Langstone Cliff to view the bay between there and Dawlish and I soon picked up 2 Great Northern Diver and a bit further out was a Black-Throated Diver and it was good to see one of these in an area where I have seen them before .
But the icing on the cake today was a dark phase Pomarine Skua that slowly flew across the bay heading for Berry Head and its the first one for me for a couple of years .

Great Northern Diver ( Gavia immer ) . Lyme Bay . Devon

Thursday 13 February 2020

Long-Tailed Duck

A trip up to the Barrow Gurney Reservoirs today with my mate Ken in hope that the weather would stay fine as we were looking for a male Long-Tailed Duck and a Black-Throated Diver . We got there and walked around so that we could look into pit 3 and we soon found the Black-Throated Diver but there was no sign of the duck as yet , so we carried on walking around the reservoir when some Common Teal flew past us and in with them was the Long-Tailed Duck , it flew around for a short while before it came to rest on pit 1 and we got great views of this superb looking male bird and as this is a quite rare sight to see a male bird in the South West of England we just enjoyed seeing it in all its splendid appearance .

Long-Tailed Duck ( Clangula hyemalis ) . Barrow Gurney . Somerset

Saturday 8 February 2020


A morning trip out to Yarner Wood on the edge of Dartmoor got me a European Green Woodpecker , a Great Spotted Woodpecker and two superb Lesser Spotted Woodpecker that were showing , calling and drumming … Spring is on the way !
Also seen were a few Long-Tailed Tit and Marsh Tit and a Eurasian Nuthatch and nearby two Northern Goshawk showed quite well .

Friday 7th February

This morning I went to a private site where I got 3 Woodlark , 6 Common Skylark , 2 Common Buzzard , 2 Mistle Thrush , 20+ Redwing , 2 Common Raven , 50+ Common Linnet .

5 Common Crossbill , 4 Coal Tit and 4 Eurasian Siskin .

Woodlark ( Lullula arborea ) . Private Site . Devon

Common Crossbill ( Loxia curvirostra ) . Private Site . Devon

Wednesday 5 February 2020

European Spoonbill

News came out this morning of a European Spoonbill on the Exminster Marshes so I went over to see if it was still showing , my luck was in and it was still there but was well out in the middle of the marsh but it could be seen from the fishermans carpark .
Also seen were 2 Egyptian Geese , a male Eurasian Sparrowhawk and a Cetti`s Warbler .
I then went to a private site where I saw a Northern Goshawk .

Northern Goshawk ( Accipiter gentilis ) . Private Site . Devon

Tuesday 4 February 2020

A Nice Afternoon

The day started off with a Stock Dove feeding in my garden and as it was a garden tick for me I was well chuffed !
Later in the day Andy Ken and myself headed for North Devon with our first stop at Wrafton Pond near Braunton to look for some reported Red-Crested Pochard but all we saw were 2 Little Grebe , a male Common Pochard and a female Common Goldeneye . So we then took a look at the Braunton Burrows and as we were going along the toll road we came across this Barn of my favourite birds !
We then went to Fremington Pill on the other side of the Taw Estuary to look for a Glossy Ibis that has been there for a few years now , but there was no sign of it anywhere so we had to make do with a nice Spotted Redshank , we were starting to think the Glossy Ibis would not show but all of a sudden it flew in and gave us great views just as the light was just starting to fade , the day was then finished off with some Cattle Egrets coming into roost in the trees beside the river .

Barn Owl ( Tyto alba ) . Braunton Burrows . Devon

Glossy Ibis ( Plegadis falcinellus ) . Fremington Pill . Devon

Spotted Redshank ( Tringa erythropus ) . Fremington Pill . Devon

Monday 3 February 2020


Red-Legged Partridge was the bird that I was looking for today around the country lanes near Kenton in Devon today and after a bit of a search I got two of them , also seen was a large flock of Thrushes with over 300 Fieldfare and a few Redwing and they kept being put up by a very persistent male Merlin that made a few passes through them but I never saw him catch anything .
I then went to the Exminster Marshes where I saw 10-15 Common Curlew , a Spotted Redshank , a very pale looking Ruff and 2 Common Chiffchaff .

Ruff ( Philomachus pugnax ) . The Exminster Marshes . Devon