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Wednesday, 17 October 2018


A trip down to Dawlish Warren today to look for a reported Yellow-Browed Warbler turned out to be a bad move as there was no sign of it to be seen anywhere .
On the way back home a quick stop at the Cockwood Marshes got me the 3 Cattle Egret again and at the Powderham Estate a juvenile Osprey was sat on one of the dead trees eating a fish . It was also a pleasure to take in the beauty of the Fallow Deer that are showing in all their splendour now .

Fallow Deer ( Cervus dama ) . Powderham Park . Devon

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Grey Catbird

Incredible news broke yesterday of an American Grey Catbird found near Lands End in Cornwall . So very early this morning my mate Andy Bond and myself made the trip down in hope that it would still be there , we arrived around 7am and there was already a bit of a crowd there who were looking for the bird and after a very fretful hour the bird showed itself around just after 8 and we managed to get great views of the bird but I struggled a bit with the photographs today and had to make do with these two , the bird was a new one for me and I expect for most of the birders there as there has only been one in mainland Britain before.....I think !
We then went to Cape Cornwall to look for Red-Billed Chough and we managed to see 9 of them and also seen was a Merlin , the next stop was at Pendeen Point where another 4 Red-Billed Chough were seen . The last stop of the day was at Lower Roskestal Farm near Porthgwarra where White Wagtail and a juvenile Rose-Coloured Starling were added to the day list .

WOW What a day !!

Grey Catbird ( Dumetella carolinensis ) . Treev Moor . Lands End . Cornwall

Monday, 15 October 2018

Cattle Egret

This morning I went down to the Cockwood Marshes as I had been told that there were 2 Cattle Egret showing there sometimes , I looked around the area where they had been reported but there was no sign of them , so I decided to go along the road past the Ship Inn and I came across some cows and sure enough I found the 2 Cattle Egret but as I was looking at them another one flew in and joined them and I don't think that 3 have been reported before at this site .
Also seen were 2 Little Egret , 2 Grey Heron , a Common Kingfisher and a Grey Wagtail .

Cattle Egret ( Bubulcus ibis ) & Grey Heron ( Ardea cinerea ) . Cockwood Marshes . Devon