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Thursday, 16 August 2018

European Storm Petrel

I went down to Exmouth early this morning in the rain to look for a reported Black Tern , I looked out from an area near the docks and soon picked it out feeding in with a gull flock .
Even though the rain was falling quite heavy I decided to go to the other end of Exmouth near the lifeboat station and went up to the raised beach huts for a seawatch , for quite a while I was only getting some Northern Gannet and Black-Legged Kittiwake , then the rain stopped for a short spell allowing me to see a couple of Northern Fulmar and 2 European Storm Petrel , one of them was about three quarters of the way out but the other one was in a bit more closer , its the first ones that I have seen in Devon for a few years .

My Photoshop is down at the moment so no pics for a while .

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Bowling Green Marsh

My look at Bowling Green Marsh this morning didn`t turn up anything different but there was still some good birds to be seen , with the juvenile Eurasian Spoonbill that has been with us for going on a week now ! , 20+ Dunlin , 6 Whimbrel , numerous Common Redshank , around 20 Common Greenshank , a Spotted Redshank , a juvenile Ruff , a single Bar-Tailed Godwit a Green Sandpiper , a Common Sandpiper and the juvenile Western Marsh Harrier flew in and settled in the trees by the reedbed on the far side of the marsh , also seen was a Common Kingfisher that was sat on the wall of Riversmeet House .
Out of the moths that I caught last night the best were Elbow-Stripe Grass-Veneer and a Shuttle-Shaped Dart .

Green Sandpiper ( Tringa ochropus ) . Bowling Green Marsh . Topsham . Devon

Western Marsh Harrier ( Circus aeruginosus ) . Bowling Green Marsh . Topsham . Devon

Common Kingfisher ( Alcedo atthis ) . Riversmeet House . Topsham . Devon

Elbow-Stripe Grass-Veneer ( Agriphila geniculea ) . Topsham . Devon

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Glossy Ibis

I got a call today telling me that there was a Glossy Ibis on Bowling Green Marsh and as I had not seen one in Topsham this year I went to have a look at it . As I got on to it everything went up and we soon picked out what had put them up ,  a juvenile Western Marsh Harrier , it then flew around for a while and spooked the Ibis into flying off !
So I started to look at other things and saw the juvenile Eurasian Spoonbill , around 20+ Dunlin , a Spotted Redshank , the long staying Ruff , a Green Sandpiper and a Common Sandpiper .

Out of the moths that I caught last night there was one new one for me and seen in flight it was a nice looking Lesser Broad-Bordered Yellow Underwing , also seen was Dar-Barred Twin-Spot Carpet and a smart Common Grass Veneer .