Wednesday 24 May 2023

Common Crossbill

 A look around Aylesbeare Common this morning got me 2 male Common Crossbill my 1st for this year ! Also seen were 3 Common Stonechat , 2 Common Raven , 2 Common Linnet and a Yellowhammer .

Also seen were 2 European Adder and Brimstone and Large White Butterflies . 

European Adder ( Vipera berus ) . Aylesbeare Common . Devon



Wednesday 3 May 2023

Common Cuckoo

A trip out to Dartmoor this morning got me 2 Common Cuckoo and it was very nice to see these birds returning to this country and back on site .

On the way back home I stopped off at the Haldon Forest where I saw a single Tree Pipit , 5 Willow Warbler were seen but there were more singing everywhere , a Garden Warbler and a Yellowhammer .

Last stop of the day was at the Exminster Marshes that got me 2 Cattle Egret and 2 Eurasian Hobby .

Common Cuckoo ( Cuculus canorus ) . Dartmoor . Devon