Wednesday 20 January 2016

Little Bunting reported again !

I had news this morning that the Little Bunting had been seen again at Darts Farm , so I went over in the freezing cold to see if I could catch up with it again but after much searching I couldn`t find it but then again it does seem to cover a wide area , not a lot else was seen today ! but a large flock of Dark Bellied Brent Geese had the Black Brant in with them again , 2 Common Buzzard put on a bit of a show , a flock of 12 Fieldfare and a single Redwing were also seen along with a male Brambling that was in with the finch flock .
I then had a look at Bowling Green Marsh where parts of the marsh were frozen over but I did get 3 Grey Plover , an obliging Common Snipe showed in front of the hide , a Whimbrel was heard on call and a Red Fox was seen in its usual place .

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