Thursday 22 January 2015

Birding Cornwall

Today three of us made the trip down to Cornwall to do some birding and the first birds that we saw were around a dozen Purple Sandpiper on the rocks in Penzance , we then started scanning Mounts Bay were we saw a female Common Eider , 9 Great Northern Diver , 4 Black-Throated Diver , the very rare Pacific Diver that has been seen in the bay for a few years now was seen beside 3 B T Diver and it was good to see the size difference !  , and this male Common Eider was in Penzance Harbour.
We then had a look at the Helston Boating Lake and saw a Whooper Swan that was in with a few Mute Swan , our last stop of the day was at Dozmary Pool on Bodmin Moor to have a look for the male American Lesser Scaup that has been around in this area for quite a few years and we were soon on to it along with a male and female Common Goldeneye .

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