Monday, 16 April 2018

Greater White-Fronted Goose

Around mid afternoon I went for a look around the Exminster Marshes and I saw a few Canada Geese and in with them was the  Greater White-Fronted Goose that has been around the marshes for a few weeks now , it is from the Russian race albifrons so how long it will stay with us is anyone`s guess .
There was not a lot else about but a European Reed Warbler , a male Blackcap and a Common Chiffchaff were worth putting down for the day .
I also saw 2 Common Grass Snake of the race Natrix natrix , I have said this as another race of Grass Snake has now been found in Britain the Ringed Grass Snake Natrix Helvetica that differs from the Common Grass Snake by being more greyer in colour and not having a the distinctive yellow coller .

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