Monday 26 October 2015

A good bird for Goosemoor

I was down on Bowling Green Marsh very early this morning as there was a report of the Yellow-Browed Warbler seen there again yesterday by Riversmeet House and as there has been no news on one for a while now perhaps it could be a new one , but who knows !
Anyway I went right along the road to the far end of the marsh checking the bushes and trees and came across a large tit flock consisting mostly of Long-Tailed Tit and Great Tit and a few Blue Tit were in with them but no sign of the warbler , I spent around two and a half hours around the last field beside Riversmeet House and saw a bit of a build up of Common Blackbird with 12 seen + 2 Redwing , 7 European Robin , 2 Eurasian Nuthatch , a Great Spotted Woodpecker , a Eurasian Jay and 2 Common Raven , I was getting a bit cold now so I headed back to the car but before I headed for home I thought that I would have a look at Goosemoor , that is just the other side of the railway line from BGM and as I was looking out at the pool I heard some Long-Tailed Tits again so I went to have a look and found them in the row of trees beside the railway line and would you believe it in with them was the Yellow-Browed Warbler ! it looked to me like they were sheltering from the wind , I got nice views of the bird but it seems impossible to get a shot of this bird as it is always on the move , still I will keep on trying lol .

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