Wednesday 6 November 2019

Richards Pipit

This morning I was at the top of Gore Lane in Exmouth just as it started to get light at 7 am as a Richards Pipit was found there late yesterday evening and I was hoping that it had stayed overnight .
The light was very poor to start with as I checked the area where it was seen with no luck but at around 7.50 some Common Skylark took to flight from the dung field and there in with them was the Richards Pipit and as it flew over to the next field it let out a clinching call...yes !
I then searched for it on my own for over an hour as to my amazement no other birders had bothered to turn up to look for it , and in that time I only saw it once again . But then another birder turned up and he was from America ( I thought wow that's a long twitch lol ) but he said that he was studying at Exeter University , we then walked right up Gore Lane and as we did a flock of Meadow Pipits flew up and there was the Richards Pipit in with them so he was well pleased , the time was then 9.15 and the bird was not seen again after that , so this was really a case of early birds catch the worms lol
The farmers then drove their pickup into the field to look after their cows putting everything up , a search after that never produced the bird but it could still be in the area somewhere . The only other things of note were some smart Pale Bellied Brent Geese on the Exe Exstuary ,

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