Wednesday 3 April 2019

Northern France Trip . Monday 1st April . Day 1

A couple of days trip over to Northern France with my friend and fellow birdwatcher/photographer Charlie Fleming . And it started around 7 am when he picked me up and we made our way to Folkestone in Kent to catch the train through the Channel Tunnel to Calais .
On arrival we made our way down to St Quenten-En-Tormont in hope of seeing woodpeckers and on the way we saw a couple of Common Buzzard and a Red Kite . Once we got there we found the woods that we were looking for and we were in luck with a Black Woodpecker and 2 European Green Woodpeckers , also in the woods were 5 European Serin , 5 male Blackcap , a female Common Kestrel , a fly through female Hen Harrier and this Northern Dung Tiger Beetle .
We then made our way to Le Parc Du Marquenterre and on the way there we saw 10 Cattle Egret , we got there just as the Parc was closing but there was another Black Woodpecker calling from a stand of fir trees so we decided that we would return again the next day , so we then made our way back to a place called St Inglevert that is near to Calais where we were staying for the night .

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