Sunday 9 March 2014

Great Grey Shrike

This morning called for a trip up to Sousens on Dartmoor to look for a Great Grey Shrike that was found there yesterday & on the way there we had the news that we were waiting for ! that the bird was still there and showing in the valley , so we made our way there but on arrival there was no sign of the bird at all , but after a while the bird was picked up showing quite distantly on top of a ridge but it then came a bit more closer and we got good views of it , But the highlight of the day was coming across a ringtail Hen Harrier that flew across the ridge where the Shrike had been and then flew right over Birch Tor and we watched it until it was then lost from view , I fired off a few distant shots of it but this was the best I could manage of the bird .

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