Thursday 21 November 2013

Bowling Green Marsh

An afternoon visit to the hide at Bowling Green Marsh in Topsham got me the wintering Long-Tailed Duck , 2 male Pintail , a male Tufted Duck & numerous Teal & Wigeon ... in with the Wigeon was a possible Eurasian / American Wigeon hybrid !! it had a nice green stripe going back from the eye but the crown was a buff colour and not white like it should be & other features on the bird just didn`t seem right !! I hope other people see this bird & correct me if I am wrong .

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  1. Hello Dave, I have been trying to find out about this green on the heads of some Wigeon, like we saw today, apparently it is more common than we think and a small percentage of birds in any flock contains birds like this. It is more common in Japanese flocks where up to 20% have heads like this. It is not thought to be a sign of hybridisation. An interesting bird though. There is a photo of it only on my blog here,