Sunday 24 September 2023

Saturday 23rd September


A trip over to St Gothan`s Head in Pembrokeshire West Wales this morning with my mates Andy and Ken to look for the reported Magnolia Warbler that has been there for a few days . And after a bit of a wait  this stunning bird showed very well out in the open for a short spell but from then on it was always on the move .

While we were there , we heard breathtaking news of a Canada Warbler that was found on a different part of the headland . So we then headed for there in anticipation . We arrived at a small copse that was filled with 100+ birders and after searching for it for quite a while I then picked a spot and leant against a tree in an area where the bird had been seen before and I was in the right spot when the bird popped up right in front of me in the open . I let out a call and around 8 people close to me got onto the bird before it then dropped back into cover again ..... Absolute Magic 👀

In the copse that was filled with birders many calls went up of its here ! causing a rush of people from one spot to another with people falling over and falling out of trees just trying to get a glimpse of the bird .

These two birds are both new birds for me and puts my British life list on 496 . Four more to go to the magical 500 .

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