Sunday 9 May 2021

Wood Warbler

 I went out to Yarner Wood on the edge of Dartmoor this morning in hope of seeing a Spotted Flycatcher that had been reported there . The first place I looked at was Trendelbear Down where I saw a Northern Goshawk , a male Whinchat and a Garden Warbler .

I then went into Yarner Wood to look for Pied Flycatchers and I saw 4 male and 3 female birds and as I was walking up the main path I heard a singing male Wood Warbler on the right of the path , a very rare bird in these parts now and the first that I have come across in the woods for a few years , I then went down to the wardens cottages to report it to him and met another birder and told him about the bird and he told me that he had seen the bird earlier in the day but on the other side of the path to where I had heard it .

Also seen today were Lesser Spotted Woodpecker , Great Spotted Woodpecker , 3 Marsh Tit ,  a Eurasian Nuthatch and a male Common Redstart  ..................  But no Spotted Flycatcher !

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