Saturday 10 June 2017

Bowling Green Marsh

Once again the time of year has come to praise Mr Pete Otley  for the management of Bowling Green Marsh !! as I went for a look there today and was rewarded with some superb views of some thistles and grasses of enormous height all around the edges of the pool , the only trouble is that there could have been a dozen or so birds hidden away behind all of the foliage , perhaps even a Great Bustard but you would never get the chance to see them lol
I put in a request around 3 weeks ago asking for the edges to be cut , not a lot to ask for ! for a reserve that is claimed to be the jewel of the South West . But I wont hold my breath lol .
So once again Mr Otley the enigma that you are , thank you for all of your endeavour ! as for all of the time that I have been birding the marsh I have only met you twice and then you promised a new scrape in front of the hide, but perhaps that is still somewhere over the rainbow lol .

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