Wednesday 27 May 2015

Tuesday 26th May . 2015

Wow what a good day !!

Ken Montandon and myself decided to go to Cornwall today in hope of seeing some of the good birds that have been showing down there ! and two hours later saw us at the Drift Reservoir looking for a Purple Heron ! we had walked along the track to the hide and another birder was walking in front of us , we stopped to scan the far corner of the reservoir for the bird and he carried on walking and to our luck he must have flushed the bird because all of a sudden there it was flying right in front of us it flew across the water and went down another arm of the reservoir and was never seen by us again....lucky b******s or what lol
We then went to Lands End where a Sardinian Warbler has been showing for a while now , we saw some other birders so we went over to then and asked if they had any luck and one of them told us that the bird had been seen very briefly but had now gone into cover again , we looked for about an hour with no luck and then I heard a bird singing very much like a Common Whitethroat so I tracked it down and there was the Sard sat out in full view !! but off it flew before I could even focus the camera but as it flew over the hedge Ken and the other birders got on it so all ended well lol , as we were then stood there a Red Kite flew over our heads , we then headed back towards Penzance and had another Red Kite over the road near Sancreed .
Our last stop was at Tresemple Pool near the village of St Clement just outside of Truro where this Black-Crowned Night Heron was sat in a tree basking in the evening sun , what a nice way to  end to a great days birding .

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