Sunday 11 February 2024


 A late morning trip up to Woodbury Castle to again look for Brambling . A quick look got me 2 Stock Dove and a Eurasian Treecreeper . But as I was there I got news of a Lesser Scaup and 3 Greater Scaup seen off of Exmouth . So I got back in the car and headed for there only to be told halfway there that they had flown up river , I went to Exton Station and checked the estuary but there was no sign of them so I headed for home .

I was only in for a short while when I got a call from Rob and Steph Murphy telling me that they were viewing them from Lympstone and that they would keep an eye on them for me until I got there . I soon got there and got nice but distant views of them  .

Many thanks to Rob and Steph

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