Sunday 19 February 2023

Saturday 18th

 A trip down to Cornwall today with the 1st stop near Boscegran to look  for 2 Little Bunting and after a bit of a search the 2 birds showed very well for a short while . We then headed for the Lands End area to look for Red-Billed Chough and after quite a walk around the headland we got 2 of them right back where we had started at Lands End lol . There was also Northern Gannet and Common 1st of the year 👀

We then went to the Hale Estuary in hope of seeing American Herring Gull but our luck was out as it was there but we just could not catch up with it . But there was plenty of Mediterranean Gull and Common Gull , an adult Ring-Billed Gull and a 1st winter and 2 adult Caspian Gull .

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