Sunday, 11 July 2021

Saturday 10th July


Well this morning I went down for another sea watch  off of Exmouth as an Arctic Tern had been reported . I went to my usual spot at the raised beach huts as you have a good view of Lyme Bay from there , it took me a little while getting my eye in and I then started to pick up some Northern Gannets going through and a few distant terns .

After a while I picked up a dark phase skua as it flew across the bay , my first thought was Arctic but something was not right as it looked small and slim and it resembled a bit like a falcon in flight . I then lost sight of it as it headed towards Dawlish Warren and carried on scanning the bay and picked up the Arctic Tern in with some Sandwich Tern , When all of a sudden the skua was back in view only a bit closer and I could see that it was a dark brown juvenile Long-Tailed Skua about the size of a small gull with hardly any light flashes on the underwings . By now my heart was pumping fast as I have seen quite a few of these birds in the past , but this is the first one that I have found myself ! 

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