Saturday 2 January 2021

1st January

 Happy New Year to all of my readers .

Well I was out early in the freezing cold to start of my year list . And the first bird that I looked for was the wintering Dusky Warbler and I stood in the freezing cold for over an hour with no luck . So I moved on to the Exminster Marshes and things looked a bit better as I started picking up Redwing and Fieldfare and the other usual birds .

I was walking down towards the Turf Locks and there was a Microlight flying over the marshes and spooking the birds and I was stood there cursing at him as the ducks and waders were put to flight , when all of a sudden he flushed a Eurasian Woodcock a new bird on the marshes for me !! so I stopped cursing at him lol . Other birds seen were the 11 Barnacle Goose that have been with us for a few days now , a nice Common Kingfisher and 2 male and a female Eurasian Bullfinch .

I had returned home when I got a message telling me that there was a male Green-Winged Teal on the Matford Marshes in Exeter , so off I went again and it was nice to end the day with the American version  of our Common Teal .

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