Monday 13 July 2020

Common Quail

This morning I had a look around the Ludwell Valley Country Park in Exeter where I managed to see a Song Thrush , a male Blackcap , a Common Kingfisher and a White Throated Dipper .
But the best bird there was a calling Cetti`s Warber a first for me at this site and I am not sure that one has been heard or seen here before ?
Later in the afternoon I went to a spot near Starcross as a Common Quail has been heard singing there , I arrived and had the bird calling right away ! but after a while a Chinook Helecopter flew over quite low as it was heading for the marine camp and my luck was in as it flushed the Quail that got up and flew a short distance and then dropped into cover again , a bit later another birder Mark Bailey turned up and we had the bird calling from the other side of the road for around 10 minutes and at first we thought that there was 2 birds but in the end we came to the conclusion that it was just the one bird that had gone from field to field .

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