Tuesday 9 June 2020

Marsh Warbler

On Friday the 29th  of May news came out of a Marsh Warbler found on the River Otter at Tipton St John and as it was a new bird for me and nearly everyone else in Devon I got there as fast as I could . I stayed on the site for over six hours and the bird was heard it singing but I only got brief views of it .
So the next morning I went down to the site again early in the morning and the bird was showing a lot better and I was able to get these shots of it and I was very pleased with that as I have seen two of these birds in this country before but was never able to get a shot of one .
After talking to local birder Chris Townend I was asked not to put the news out just incase a female bird was attracted to the site , the news I then had from Chris was that there was no news on the bird from Monday the 1st of June and after consulting with Mr Kevin Rylands the Devon recorder I have now got permission to post a record of the sighting on my blog .
This puts me on 363 birds seen in my County of Devon … Not a bad count I think !

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