Wednesday 27 May 2020

Tuesday 26th May

Golden Oriole are words that you do not here very often down in this neck of the woods !! So when I received a message from local birder Chris Townend this morning telling me one was calling on Duldich Common I got there as fast as I could . I arrived to find no one there at all as Chris had gone of to another area to look for it , but after a while another birder Dave White turned up and we settled in waiting to here it call and after a bit of a wait we were rewarded around 10 am with a male bird calling to the left of us , a few other birders turned up but the bird never called again and I left around 11.30 . I heard that the bird was calling again in the evening so I went again in hope of seeing it but I had no luck but it was seen by one lucky birder .

Many Thanks Chris  

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