Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Bearded Reedling

I went over to the Exminster Marshes this morning to see if there were any Cattle Egret still on show but all I saw were Little Egrets , I then took a walk up Corks Drove and to my amazement there was a Bearded Reedling calling from the small reedbed to the left of the path , for all my looking I couldn`t get to see it as its in an area where you cant get in to view it .
I then went up to the Matford Marshes to see if there were any Cattle Egret there but there was none but I did see this Green Sandpiper . Back home I took a look around the Cemetery grounds and I saw 2 European Green Woodpecker , a Song Thrush , a few Goldcrest and this European Hornet .

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