Friday 10 June 2016

Bowling Green Marsh

I made a trip down to Bowling Green Marsh this morning it was my first visit  for quite a while and looking out from the hide you could very easily see why !! most of the birds were on the near side of the marsh but you could not see most of them because they were obscured by the thistles and large foliage on the edge of the lake , as an RSPB Reserve this must be one of the worst managed ones !! the wardens get told about the problems but it just goes in one ear and right out of the other and all they tell you are false promises about what they are going to do to the marsh that never happen ..... RSPB take note !!!
Anyway there was not a lot to see on the marsh even if you could ! with the best being 11 Bar-Tailed Godwit , 6 whimbrel and a flock of 50+ Eurasian Oystercatcher an unusual count for the marsh

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