Sunday 6 December 2015


There has been a couple of female Brambling being seen at Darts Farm in Topsham ! so this morning I went to see if I could get a shot of them , the finch flock has got even bigger consisting of Common Chaffinch , European Greenfinch , European Goldfinch and Common Linnet , the birds are constantly flying from the trees to a field of dead Sunflowers and feeding on the seeds so it is quite hard to pick out the Brambling but today luck was with me as I not only picked up the 2 female birds but then found another female and then this cracking male bird so lets hope that even more decide to join the flock !
Also seen today was a Eurasion Sparrowhawk , a Peregrine Falcon , a Common Kingfisher and a male and female Common Stonechat .

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