Thursday 11 June 2015

Hudsonian Whimbrel

News of a Hudsonian Whimbrel at Church Norton in West Sussex had my mate Andy Bond and myself making the long journey to see if we could catch up with it as it is a new bird in Britain for the both of us ! the bird is the American cousin of our Whimbrel but differs by having a more distinct head pattern , dark underwings and a fully dark rump and tail pattern , the bird was always very distant today as the tide had gone right out but all of the main features were clinched .
This was my third tick of the year and all of them were American wader pullbacks .....Amazing  !!!!
There was not a lot else to be seen but 2 Little Tern , a full summer plumaged Little Gull , and singles of Bearded Tit & Common Cuckoo were nice and this Barn Owl was in the church yard but alas it was only a captive bird ! but I just couldn't resist getting a shot of it anyway .

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