Sunday 26 April 2015

Saturday 25th April


Well I started birding in 1985 and was told about an Hudsonian Godwit that was found just up the road from me at Countess Wear in 81 and it really wetted my appetite but there was not a lot that I could do about that , but it was still thrown in my face a few times as the 30 years rolled by , as birders do  lol !!
Well today there was incredible news of a Hudsonian Godwit found up at Meare Heath in Somerset so I phoned up my two mates Ken and Andy to let them know and to see if they were going and they said yes and seeing that they had both seen the 81 bird it was very good of them ( Thanks Guys ) , well we arrived and got a glimpse of the bird on the near shore it was in summer plumage and looked very smart but it then walked out of view ! but then it flew to the far side of the lake with other godwits giving great flight views , it stayed over there for the rest of the time we were there hence the long distance shots but better than nothing and a new bird photographed for me .
Other birds of note seen today were Wood SandpiperArctic Tern , Common Swift , Garden Warbler , Wood Warbler , 4 Western Marsh Harrier and a Great Bittern.......Another plus was seeing a lot of my old birding mates from my Scilly Isles days ... nice to see you guys again ..What a Day !!!

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