Tuesday 1 July 2014

Bystock Pools

I spent today around the Bystock Pools on the East Devon Commons and the highlight of the day was a reeling Common Grasshopper Warbler that reeled twice out deep in the common but I couldn`t find where it was , todays Butterflies were numerous Large Skipper and a Green Hairstreak , on to the Dragonflies ! well today was quite good with 10 Keeled Skimmer , 6 Hairy Dragonfly , 4 Four-Spotted Chaser , 3 Beautiful Demoiselle , 2 Emperor Dragonfly and a few Large Red Damselfly , the only other thing of note was a Red-Eared Slider Turtle that is not a native to Britain but is one that has been let loose on to the main pool !

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