Saturday 15 February 2014

Little Gull

I was lucky enough to get a message first thing this morning telling me that there was a Little Gull on the Exe Estuary just off of the Imperial car park , so I went down to see if I could get any shots of it but when I arrived there was no sign of it anywhere & I sat there in the car quite down with the rain hammering down outside , but after a while Matt Knott turned up and was scanning the birds further out in the estuary & he found it feeding with a lot of other gulls and to our amazement there was not only one bird but another adult bird was with it ! they then flew towards us but they carried on flying until they were lost from view !
I then had a look at the flock of Black-Headed Gull`s & I found a Great Crested Grebe in with them , I then started to walk back to the car and was amazed to find a Razorbill in very close to the car park & then the icing the cake ! one of the Little Gull`s had returned & was showing very well just off of the car park allowing me to get these shots of it ... Magic !

Thanks Matt

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