Tuesday 3 April 2012

Wow What a Day !!!

This morning I got a call telling me that there was a Purple Heron on the Otter Marshes so Brian Heasman & myself went to look for it , For quite a while we stood with others just looking at the reedbeds & only seeing 2 Little Egret`s & a Grey Heron , but then after about an hour the bird flew out and landed in a field allowing us to get good views of it !! but after a short while the bird flew off again & back into the reedbed .
We then headed for home & had only been in a while when off went the phone again telling me thistime that there was an Hoopoe on the Teignmouth Golfcourse , so off we went again & got superb views of the bird ... What with the Crane yesterday .. not a bad couple of days birding !!!

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