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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Little Bunting

Early this morning I went down to the Topsham Recreation Ground and had a look at the River Exe and today I saw an adult male , adult female , 1st winter male & 1st winter female Common Goldeneye`s . Add to that the long staying female Long-Tailed Duck and 2 male Red-Breasted Merganser making it a good hours worth of birding .
Later in the day Andy Bond and myself went to the Trinity Hill Reserve near Axminster in hope of seeing the Little Bunting that was found there a couple of days ago . And after a bit of a wait some Reed Buntings came into the bushes and there with them was the Little Bunting , they stayed on show for a little while enabling us and the other birders present to get clinching views before the flock flew off again . We then headed for Colcombe Farm in Colyton where we saw 4 Cattle Egret in the field with the cows ......not a bad days birding !

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