Saturday, 30 September 2023

Jammy Git

 I went down to look for a reported Barred Warbler on Colyford Common this morning . And after a bit of a walk from the car park I arrived to find some birders already there and they said yes that it had shown a bit earlier . So I picked a spot to look at some distant bushes when all of a sudden out it popped giving us a brief view and just enough time to just fire off this record shot of it .

I saw it at around 9.30 and then stayed for another two and half hours but there was no more sign of it .

Barred Warbler ( Sylvia nisoria ) . Colyford Common . Devon


Friday, 29 September 2023

Lesser Grey Shrike

 A trip down to Cornwall today with Dave Land and Paul Bray in search of Lesser Grey Shrike that had been found on Bodmin Moor near Minions . And it did not take much time to connect with the bird that put on quite a show for us and all the other birders there .

This is my 5th one seen in Britain with my last one seen at Mount Batten Point Nr Plymouth in 2016 . So many thanks Dave .

Earlier on in the day I birded the viewing point area of Bowling Green Marsh . Where I saw the following birds . Little Egret , Whimbrel , Cetti`s Warbler , Common Chiffchaff , Blackcap &  also seen sat out in the open eating Blackberries was this very nice Wood Mouse .

Lesser Grey Shrike ( Lanius minor ) . Minions . Cornwall




Wood Mouse ( Apodemus sylvaticus ) . Bowling Green Marsh . Topsham . Devon