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Saturday, 25 January 2020


The previous post was for Friday the 24th ,

The Somerset Levels

Another trip out today with Andy and Ken on a dull overcast day that saw us heading for the Somerset Levels with our first stop at New Bridge to look for some Whooper Swans and after a bit of a search we managed to see 5 of them . we then went to Aller Moor where we saw a few Reed Bunting and after a bit of a search 4 Common Crane .
We then spent quite a bit of time searching for some reported Bewick`s Swan but we could not locate them anywhere and the best we saw were a few Common Snipe and a Common Kestrel .
Our last stop of the day was at Ham Wall where I saw a male Western Marsh Harrier , 2 Common Buzzard and 80+ Cattle Egret .

Common Kestrel ( Falco tinnunculus ) . The Somerset Levels

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Tuesday 21st January

A day out with my mate Andy saw us heading for Cheddar Reservoir in Somerset to look for a female Smew that has been there for quite a while . We arrived to find the reservoir shrouded in mist so we thought that we would have no chance at all of finding it , but we walked along the edge for a bit when Andy shouted out I got it , I ran over to where he was and looked out in the mist to the far side and said to him that I could not see it and he laughed and said it here right in front of us so we spent quite a bit of time just enjoying this bird .
We then went on to Maiden Castle in Dorset where we saw 400+ European Golden Plover , 5 European Skylark and a single Corn Bunting .
Our last stop was at Radipole Lake in Weymouth where we saw 5 Mediterranean Gull in the car park , and in the reedbed outside the center there were 3 male and 2 female Bearded Reedling showing very well in deed , was super little birds these are .

Smew ( Mergellus albellus ) . Chard Reservoir . Somerset