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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Wood Sandpiper

I looked out of the window this morning at the pouring rain and thought where shall I go today . And I decided to go for a look at Bowling Green Marsh as you can go into the hide and stay dry there , I got there around 8 o/c and looked out of the window of the hide and I found one of my favourite waders a  Wood Sandpiper right in front of me , the bird was a juvenile and was showing very well so I then rang around numerous people and told them the news and put it out on twitter and then settled down to get a few shots of it .
Other birders then started to turn up and that was good as its always good when others see the bird as well , a few other good things were then found on the marsh , with 3 Common Sandpiper , 8 Whimbrel , a Spotted Redshank and a summer plumaged Red Knot , something then flushed the birds and the Wood Sandpiper took to the sky and to our amazement it was joined by another Wood Sand , the two of them then landed again and showed very well all day long ( 1st good wader on the new scrape , lets hope for more to come ) .

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