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Friday, 21 July 2017


Early this morning I went down to Exmouth to do a sea watch in Lyme Bay as it was raining a bit and blowing a gale . I went up to a usual spot by the raised beach huts and settled in . I didn't get anything for a while then I started picking out some Northern Gannets and in the end I saw 20+ , then some Black-Legged Kittiwake , I then picked up a large shearwater and as it came closer I could see that it was a Great Shearwater . I watched it shear across the bay until it was lost from view and also seen was a Balearic Shearwater and then I got the icing on the cake an adult Sabine`s Gull slowly drifted across the bay quite close in . It has been a while since I have seen one like this . 


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