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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Two-Barred Crossbill

A trip up to Haddon Hill in Somerset for only my second ever Two-Barred Crossbill with my last one in Hampshire in 1990 . When we got there , we had to walk along a line of fir trees and at first there was no sign of it , but as we turned around and started to walk back half a dozen Common Crossbill flew in and in with them was the bird we had come for . The bird was a little bit smaller than Common Crossbill and had a slightly different call ! And after the elation of seeing it , I fired off a few shots as this is a bird that I have never photographed before . The light was not too good first thing this morning but I am still pleased with the shots that I managed to get .
We then went to Winterbourne Downs in Wiltshire where we saw a Stone Curlew , 2 Mistle Thrush , 6 Barn Swallow , 2 Brown Hare and 2 Large White Butterflies .

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