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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ross`s Gull

Yesterday in the evening news came out of a possible Ross`s Gull on Bowling Green Marsh in Topsham so I went down and joined the other birders in the hide to look at the bird but it was very illusive and spent a lot of time out of view but on the views of what we saw the bird went down as just another Little Gull and everyone went off home with that conclusion ! ( Yes we all F****d up  )
Well this morning the bird was seen a lot better and was Confirmed as a 1st summer Ross`s Gull ( Well done Gary ) so I went down again to get better views of it and to see if I could get any photo`s of it , It was always quite distant to get good shots of it and these were the best that I could do.... Just wish they could have been better !

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