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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Great Skua

First thing this morning I was down in my local town of Topsham and to my utter surprise I was rewarded with a fly over Rose-Ringed Parakeet a 1st for me on the Exe Estuary and only my second sighting in Devon . I then went down to Exmouth to have a look at Lyme Bay and yes it seemed a stupid thing to do seeing that it was low tide and I didn`t manage to see much at all , but I did see a Great Skua a 1st for the year ! along with 3 Common Scoter and a couple of Sandwich Tern .
I then had a look around the East Devon Commons and at Bystock Pools there were some very nice Beautiful Demoiselles , a couple of Small Red Damselfly and a Cinnabar Moth , and at another area I saw the following Butterflies , a Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary , 2 Small Heath & 2 Speckled Wood .

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