Thursday 28 December 2023


 A trip up to Abberton Reservoir today with my birding mates Paul Bray and Andy Bond in hope of seeing an American duck that has been there for a while now a male Canvasback and after a bit of a search we got on to the bird that was in with a flock of over 500 Common Pochard . It spent most of the time with its head tucked in but I was lucky enough to get a shot of it as it had a quick look around . I had only seen one of these birds before in Britain and that was way back in 1999 and funny enough that was at the same reservoir !!

Also in the flock was numerous Tufted Duck . 2 Greater Scaup and a female Red-Crested Pochard . We then went to another area of the reservoir where we saw 2 Velvet Scoter , 4 Goosander and a male Common Goldeneye . We then went in search of some Bohemian Waxwing in Colchester and we managed to see 10 of them .

On the way home we saw 14 Red Kite over the M4 in Berkshire a nice end to a long days birding .

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