Wednesday 16 November 2022

Common Eider

This morning I walked to Bowling Green Marsh as I was in an accident the other day so I am carless for a while ! Anyway I was walking down Bowling Green Lane and came across a flock of Long-Tailed Tit and in with them were a couple of nice Firecrest and a few Goldcrest .

I had just got into the hide at the marsh and was put on a sleeping female Garganey when my phone went off with a message from my mate Paul telling me that the female Common Eider was showing off of Exmouth . So I walked back to the Railway Station and jumped on the train to Exmouth and Paul picked me up outside the station and off we went and got nice views of the Eider ( a year tick for both of us )

We then had a look around the marina area and we saw a male and 2 female Black Redstart... A very nice day ... Thanks Paul .

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