Monday 23 May 2022

Sunday 22nd May

Out today on the Devon Bird Trip on the M . V . Oldenburg to Lundy Island . We got off to a late start but we soon started seeing birds on the crossing with numerous Manx Shearwater , a few Razorbill and Common Guillemot , around 7 Northern Gannet , 4 Atlantic Puffin and a Black-Legged Kittiwake .

We arrived at the Island and sailed around , seeing lots more Atlantic Puffin , Razorbill , Common Guillemot a Northern Fulmar and 3 Peregrine Falcon 

On the Island the birding was quite slow with only Common Stonechat , Common Linnet , Spotted Flycatcher and a very strange for the Island a female Mandarin Duck that was seen near the harbour . But it was still a great day out  spent with Ken , Andy and Paul .

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