Wednesday 9 June 2021

Tuesday 8th June

Sulphur-Bellied Warbler a 1st for Britain was the incredible new that came out of Lundy Island this morning that started off an amazing twitch !

I was out birding and never got the news until I met up with my mate Andy who told me about the bird and said was there anyway we could get on a boat to get over there . So I made a few calls and managed to get us on one going from Ilfracombe at 4.30 so we got there as fast as we could . We arrived at the Island and made our way up the steep hill until we got to the valley where the bird was last seen , and after a bit of a wait the bird showed below us quite well to the joy of the 20+ birders that had managed to get over with 8 on our boat and 12 on another .

Sulphur-Bellied Warbler range from Afghanistan to the far east of Siberia and Mongolia so it just shows how amazing it was to have one in our own county of Devon !

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