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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Birding Dartmoor

Out for a days birding on Dartmoor today with my mate Andy Bond as he wanted to catch up with some of the birds he was missing this year ! our first stop was at the Challacombe Farm where we saw 2 pair of Common Redstart with one pair feeding young , 2 pair of Spotted Flycatcher , a Willow Warbler feeding young , a Eurasian Nuthatch & numerous Barn Swallow , we then walked around to the Sousens area of Dartmoor and we saw 4 male and 7 female Whinchat ( and the photos are of a female bird ) , 4 Common Cuckoo , 2 Tree Pipit , 2 adult and 6 juvenile Northern Wheatear and my first Painted Lady Butterfly of the year .
We then went to an area near Venford Reservoir and saw 2 Lesser Redpoll , 2 Common Stonechat , 2 Tree Pipit , 2 Common Skylark , 12 Common House Martin , a male and female Yellowhammer and my first Small Heath Butterflies of the year .

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